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Scandinavian Excellence

Posted by free on Апрель 13, 2011

While visiting Copenhagen, treat yourself with delicious dishes at Noma Restaurant, rated the best in the world. The Danish restaurant was ranked first in the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants by the Restaurant Magazine, the leading source of restaurant information in the UK.

What is the best of the best restaurants like? It features a postmodern interior with oak floors and wooden furniture, walls with open brickwork and wide windows. The restaurant’s look will hardly surprise visitors; it is the menu that makes it stand out.

Noma Restaurant offers breathtaking food. You can choose from smoked white cheese and seaweed, musk ox, dishes made with coastal herbs, birch syrup or elderberry. For dessert, try delicious oatmeal flakes that seem to burst in the mouth or fish flour cookies.

Noma Restaurant offers modern gourmet dishes based on traditional ingredients and recipes from Northern Europe.

Noma Restaurant will definitely leave you pleasantly impressed with your trip to Copenhagen.

Strandgade 93 1401 Copenhagen R

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